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We believe in Trust, Fair, Love, Peace and Long Term Relationship, being the key factors in generating harmony and good result even in business world.  By adopting the core values, Win-Win can be achieved.  Disputes can be minimized.  

Humbleness, dedication, hardworking, ever learning and caring of all people around help our success in many project deliveries and earned the appreciation of our clients, project team members, colleagues and friends in different sections of the construction industry.

We have injected all our belief and values into JL Precision Consultants Ltd. for helping clients, project team members and staff to meet project objectives.


Though JL Precision is young, JL Precision has attracted wealth of highly experienced and respectful professionals and enhanced the technical know-how, experience and skills to better serve our clients. Within our organization, we have people possessing academic and professional qualifications of different disciplines including but not limited to quantity surveying, civil engineering, procurement management, contract management, project management, facility management, claim management, accredited mediator, dispute resolution advisor, expert witness, expert determination, single joint expert, law and BEAM Pro.

Our professionals have gained enormous experiences from working in various global organizations, covering a wide variety of building and infrastructure projects in both private and public sectors and the drafting and use of various forms of the construction contracts. The projects undertaken by our professionals cover areas in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, German, Japan, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA and Vietnam.


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